Time smiles

The quirky clock that smiles at you every hour. 


Home is where
the time smiles

Decorate your house with the 

small clock that smiles.

The clock for
office heroes

Impress your colleagues with 

happy timepiece on your desk.


Add a smile to your nightstand!

Happy dreams guaranteed.

Telling the time

Practice makes perfect! Learn to tell the time through these examples. 

The smaller eye indicates the minutes, the larger eye indicates the hours.

What people say

Genuine responses from people who have used the product.

"Every time I check the clock, I can't help but smile."
Industrial Designer
"Great idea! A delight to the Fusiform Face Area (FFA)! "
Behavioural Scientist
"Simple & cute. It always manages to cheer me up!"
Linguistics Student

Time is ever more stressful: clocks should evolve. 

What if we could read the clock and smile back at it!

A lighthearted relationship with time. 

That is what Time Smiles stands for.


A closer look on the product.

AA-battery included


Glad you asked!

New Things Lab delivers to the following countries in Europe:


The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Update 29/5/2021: We now also ship to Australia, India and Brazil.

Update 5/6/2021: We now also ship to Ireland, Mexico and Portugal.

Update 8/6/2021: We now also ship to Japan.

Update 22/6/2021: We now ship to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Update 23/6/2021: We now ship to Singapore.


Shipping rates are automatically calculated on checkout. 

Parcels are shipped through PostNL.

Products in this shop are produced on demand in The Netherlands. This means that there is a standard lead time of five working days before items are shipped out. In practice this means that – in The Netherlands and most of Europe – items are delivered within 10 working days after ordering.

The approximate dimensions of the clock are illustrated below. Note that these dimensions are displayed in millimeters.

Time Smiles is powered by an AA-sized alkaline battery. There is a great one from Duracell included in the box!

Time Smiles uses a smooth movement that does not tick.

Like most clocks however, it does make a slight noise while operating.

We strive to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the product. Within the European Union, customers have the right to a 14 day ‘Reflection period’, in which you are free to try the product and evaluate it.


New Things Lab strongly believes in the quality of its products. Within the Netherlands, we will pay for the return shipment when you are not satisfied with the product during this period. Should this be the case – please request the return form.


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