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Hans G.
Trustpilot (Translated by Google Translate)
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On a beautiful Thursday I cycle to my appointment. My electric bike was equipped with an AirTag inside the Get New Things attachment. I hadn't been in for 30 minutes and my cell phone started beeping. Your bike is moving. I quickly got out and called the police in the meantime. Police have arrested the person in question. I got my bike back thanks to Get New Things. Really super easy to attach and proved very safe
Bol.com (Translated by Google Translate)
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Apple tag clicks easily into the holder. Confirmation is also done quickly, nice that an Allen key is included. Nice unobtrusive design. Very happy with it!
Kleomis K.
Trustpilot | Barcelona, Spain
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Great quality of product and support… Great quality of product and support during shipment. Very highly recommended.
Bol.com (Translated by Google Translate)
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Meets expectations. Good quality. Packaging could be firmer. Clicks in easily and almost invisible under the saddle.
Trustpilot | The Netherlands
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Super service! Very responsive, good solution and real nice products. If only more online companies would deal with customers this way *****